Tips and Tricks for the Holidays from Meijer


News, tips and tricks for a festive, not frazzled, holiday season!

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Heroes Honoring Heroes

This season, holiday giving takes on many forms.


Have yourself a Very Merry Meijer.

Meijer store directors and leadership surprise and delight customers in each store by paying for their entire shopping cart.


A 9 item survival kit to make you ready for anything this holiday season.

Simplify the season with these holiday essentials.


Meijer holiday cookie factory

Baking is a sweet tradition that brings delight to the holidays.

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Tales from a Meijer Santa

It was a beloved feature at stores during the holiday season.

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Setting a merry tone

Celebrating community through the sounds of the season.

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Make your mother (earth) happy this holiday season.

Five quick, easy gift ideas that are environmentally friendly.


6 great holiday gift ideas to choose in a pinch.

There’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gift!


Shop with a Cop provides a holiday treat for children

Sheriff’s department, Meijer partner to give children who might not have much under the tree a special Christmas.


Helping your child shop for the holidays

Teach kids about fiscal responsibility and the joy of giving


Top Toys that are Sure to Unwrap Smiles this Season

What’s hot, what’s retro, what’s on your shopping list? We’ve got some ideas!

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Very Merry Meijer Throwbacks

What began in 2014 has become a Meijer family tradition


Challenge Accepted

How one challenge helped solve another.


Meet the 4-legged stars of Meijer’s holiday commercial

Two amazing little dogs. One heartwarming commercial about Christmas.

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Tips for buying craft beer for holiday gifts

Here are the top seasonal beers by region you’ll find at Meijer.

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‘Santa’ Mike Delivers Joy from his 18-Wheeled Sleigh!

Filling hearts with the joy and magic of the holiday season.

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What to make with Thanksgiving leftovers?

Four delicious dishes that make leftovers even better the second time around.


Top 5 Mocktails to Try This Holiday

Looking for some creative, non-alcoholic offerings? Here are some mock-tails so delicious you won’t miss the alcohol!

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The perfect game plan for family fun.

Board Games Helping Friends and Families Find Quality Time


Healthy Kids Food Options for the Holidays

During the holidays, with sweet treats in abundance, one of the big challenges is steering your kids to healthy options.


Procrastinators rejoice: Pie shopping is for you

Meijer has plenty of holiday selections for last-minute shoppers.


Top 5 most forgotten items for Thanksgiving

Don’t worry - we have the perfect list to help stop those last minute trips to the store.

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Tips on planning a large holiday party

Organization and prep are the secrets to pulling off a fun gathering.

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Perfect Midwest wines to serve on Thanksgiving

Good wine should spark your taste buds and good conversation.


Five fabulous fruits and vegetables to try this Thanksgiving.

Our expert produce buyers share their top five fruits and vegetables you can use to create delicious side dishes sure to please everyone at the Thanksgiving table!

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Second Chances: Home for the Holidays, Thanks to Her Hero

Pamela McDaniel was choking and running out of oxygen. Then, her co-worker Jeff did something that would change her life.

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The sounds of the season - Our favorite in-store holiday tunes

The sound of the holidays is ringing brightly through our stores. Ever wondered about what we play in our stores? From our employee favorites to the holiday classics, holiday music is part of making spirits bright!

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The hottest toys for kids on the nice list

Explore the latest, must-have toys you’ll want under the tree this year.

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Deck the halls!

Watch as our stores put on their holiday finery. Decorations go up the day after Halloween and disappear the day after Christmas.

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5 baked fruits that can stand alone as dessert

Sweet, warm and nutritious

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Holiday car packing hacks

Don’t smash the turkey! A Meijer packing expert gives some pro tips.