2018’s 30 hottest toys of the holiday season to go from their wishlist to under the tree!

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This year there are so many must-have toys we’ve had to increase our top 10 to a top 30 list of the hottest, name brand toys. Here’s a sneak peek glimpse of the toys kids will be hoping to see under the tree.

From collectibles with a mystery prize, to educational toys that encourage learning and play, you’re sure to find something special for every kid on your gift list.

Classic Toys and Games:

  • Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K can fire at a speed of 100 feet per second. The blaster features a trigger lock, tactical rail and shoulder strap.

  • Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint 2-Pack is the toymaker’s expansion into laser tag. The blaster registers hits with lights and sounds. Battlers can amp up their play via the Nerf Laser Ops ap

  • LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster lets kids create the ultimate ride with shark carriages, ticket booth, water drop and decorative pirate-themed props. The creative building set can be rebuilt as The Skull Ride or The Ship Ride.

  • Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash has a unique design that sends cars flying around the track at dizzying speeds and crashing through the triple loop. The track has three high-action crash zones and three high-speed boosters. 

  • Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a twist on the classic game that encourages players to cheat during the game. But breaking the rules requires drawing “cheat” cards

  • Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker is inspired by the art of Japanese Kumi bracelets. The bracelets are easy to make: just choose a design, load the machine with the colorful spools and spin to create.


  • L.O.L. Surprise! Under Wraps are collectible surprise dolls and accessories. Each carrying-case capsule holds a doll wrapped in layers of fun accessories and outfit pieces

  • Hairdorables is a collectible that kids unravel to discover the unique personality, style and talent of one of 36 “Big Hair, Don’t Care!” dolls hidden inside

  • Moj Moj Claw Machine brings the arcade home with lights, music and arcade sounds. It comes with three joysticks and six refillable surprises. 

  • Pikmi Pops Surprise Pack includes big “lollipops” filled with yummy-smelling mini-plushies, mystery items and secret messages.

  • Treasure X lets kids dig through 10 levels of packages that holds buried treasures. To help with the fun search, the toy comes with a map, coin and digging tool.

  • Ready2Robot has five secret chambers with more than 10 layers of mystery to unbox. Kids collect the pieces to build mini robots. 

  • Hatchimals Hatchibabies are interactive, magical creatures that hatch themselves from inside an egg through the child’s communication and nurturing. The child raises the toy through the baby, toddler and kid stages.


  • Air Hogs Supernova is a gravity-defying orb that can be launched, pushed and spun without a remote control or touch. 

  • FurReal Friends: Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie speaks with 100 different sound and motion combinations. The 16-inch-tall Wookie laughs when tickled and curls up for a nap when laid down. 

  • FurReal Friends: Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup is a talented pup who loves to perform cool tricks. He flips a bone into his mouth, shakes “paws,” and can even bark a tune. 

  • Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby is a doll that responds to a child’s voice and touch with 80 lifelike movements, expressions and real baby sounds.

  • Fingerlings Baby Unicorn is a magical, interactive pet that responds to noise, motion and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and a variety of cute noises. 

  • Nintendo Switch is a new home video game system that transitions to handheld mode so players can enjoy a full home console experience anytime, anywhere. 

  • PlayStation 4 1TB Console is an all-new, lighter and slimmer system that can freeze gameplay and take photos to share with friends from the PS4 system.


  • PAW Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck is the ultimate rescue vehicle, equipped with an extendable ladder, flashing lights and sounds. Fire pup Marshall sits in the lookout cab but can hop into a mini fire cart and roll into the action. 

  • PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket lets kids recreate PJ Masks adventures. The rocket features a special design inspired by the show, as well as exciting lights and sounds, and a PJ Masks Gekko figure. 

  • Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex is a two-and-a-half-foot dinosaur with color-changing eyes and a mouth that can chomp. It comes with a three-level base, projectile launcher, vehicle and Owen figure.

  • Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus helps preschoolers learn about music and math through interactive games and creative free-play. Kids can compose their own songs while learning about different instruments.

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Diggity Dance & Play Mickey is a plush that features sweet dance moves to favorite tunes, such as “Hot Dog Song,” “What’s that Sound?” and “Freeze Dance!”

  • Minnie Sing & Spin Scooter is inspired by the hit Disney Junior series “Minnie’s Happy Helpers.” This Minnie plush scoots, twists, pops wheelies and does 360-degree spins.

  • Sesame Street Feed Me Cookie Monster lets kids feed him pretend cookies. When the furry blue monster’s tummy is pressed, he says silly phrases and sings.


  • Voyager Hoverboard Air Wheel is an electric self-balancing board that travels 5 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of more than 6 mph. The board carries the highest safety rating in the industry. 

  • Hover-1 Titan Electric Scooter has a cruising speed of more than 7 mph and built-in Bluetooth speakers so a rider can listen to a playlist. 

  • Razor E100 Electric Scooter Sleek has an adjustable handlebar for riders of all sizes and cruises at speeds of up to 10 mph.




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