Meijer buyers offer tips for going from holiday wallflower to Christmas showstopper.

Your holiday social calendar is filling up with invites but your wardrobe isn’t ready for the Christmas party circuit. There’s an easy fix.

Jennifer Stover, a Meijer women's apparel buyer, has some tips for taking your holiday look from Christmas wallflower to showstopper. Be the guest that lights up (literally) parties and gatherings.

“They can be great conversation starters,” Stover said of fun and flashy holiday apparel. “It’s like seeing who can come with the best or most creative outfit — like at Halloween parties. You can’t wait to see what people are going to wear.”

Showstopper pieces
Meijer has been growing its holiday-themed clothing (even for pets) for the past 5 years. Sales of festive apparel are up by more than 30 percent over previous years, showing the Midwest retailer is responding to customer demand.


Stover’s team worked with vendors to come up with fun new looks this season such as tulle skirts covered in colorful bows or ornaments. Both can be topped with a Christmas tree-themed sweater with sleeves wrapped with silvery tinsel.

“It’s that three-dimensional detail that creates those showstopper pieces that are really fun, and takes the outfit to the next level,” she said.

This season, Meijer’s holiday selection features new twists on so-called “ugly” Christmas sweaters, Santa dresses, witty T-shirts, comfy holiday pajama bottoms and fun family onesies.

Look for sweaters that light up or include an accessory that does, such as a hat or necklace. There also are novelty accessories, including knee-high socks to wear with a skirt, or a reindeer antlers or a sparkly tree headbands to go with sweaters.

“Ugly” Sweaters
A tradition that began about a decade ago is still going strong. So-called “ugly” Christmas sweaters have evolved into the uniform for holiday bar crawls, family gatherings and many office parties. This year, Meijer has expanded the options to include ponchos and vests for those who want to switch up their holiday look.

Christmas sweaters are so versatile they can pair well with anything from jeans to skirts, but one fun and comfortable option are leggings. With so many festive patterns to choose from, this is an easy and affordable way to add more flair to your holiday outfit.


Santa dresses
If you are looking for something cute, think of Santa dresses in a charming red and white stripe with fur lined hood or an adorable nod to a Christmas tree complete with gold tinsel 3-dimensional Christmas bulbs.

Fam Jams
Holiday pajamas aren’t just for family holiday cards. They are becoming the ultimate day-to-nighttime look during the holiday season. A new trend is for whole families to wear matching onesies. The sleepwear comes in sizes for everyone from babies to women and men. This year’s choices include Mickey Mouse designs in honor of the iconic character’s 100th birthday.

“I honestly think after looking and shopping at all the retailers, we have the biggest and best assortment you can find,” said Stover, adding that most items are priced between $14 to $36.

Stover, who begins thinking about the next holiday season in January, calls it one of her most fun buys of the year. And her team is always looking for new ideas. “I can't even tell you how many times I've stopped somebody and asked to take a picture of what they are wearing for inspiration for next year.” Stover said.




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