Simplify the season with these holdiay essentials.

By Christina Fecher

As you are filling out your holiday shopping list, you might be forgetting about some key items.

In the rush of the holidays, it is often easy to overlook basics like flour - for that extra batch of cookies - or even tape, for that last-minute gift wrapping, that are essential for an enjoyable season. Often, you don’t realize you need these things until you are in the middle of baking or wrapping and have to stop everything to make a mad dash to the store. 

So here’s a list to remind you to stock up on nine essentials for your holiday survival kit; then, you can relax and enjoy the fun. 

Some of the most frequently purchased items at Meijer stores during the holiday season include:


1. Sugar
It’s the season of Christmas cookies, from Crinkle to Gingerbread. With all that baking going on, Meijer sells nearly 2 million packages of the sweet stuff in November and December alone. Remember, recipes can call for a variety of sugars: traditional granulated, brown and confectioners (aka powered). 

choc chip.jpg

2. Chocolate Chips
Many of those treats taste better with chocolate chips. Meijer sells more than 1 million bags of these sweet morsels in both November and December!


3. Flour
Rounding out the trifecta of baking needs is this absolute essential. Did you know there are 9 types of flour, from whole wheat to pastry? All-purpose flour is the baking jack-of-all-trades because it can be used for everything from cookies to gravy. You might want to grab a big bag so you have enough. After all, running out of flour can bring your baking to a standstill. 

cookie cutters.jpg

4. Cookie Cutters
The holidays are the time of year when you want your cookies to have a little pizzazz. Cookie cutters (in the shape of Santa, Christmas trees and snowmen, snowflakes and angels), some frosting and sprinkles are all you need. Meijer sells 400,000 of these decorating tools in December!

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5. Lights: While the most holiday lights are sold the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Meijer customers buy an impressive 1.8 million strings of these festive lights throughout the season. These decorative lights come in many styles and colors to add that holiday glow to your outdoor and indoor decorations.

wrapping paper.jpg

6. Gift Wrap
The biggest day for gift wrap shopping is 2 days before Christmas. Wrapping gifts is often the last step before presents go under the tree but that doesn’t mean getting your gift wrap must be a last-minute purchase. Meijer sells 1.4 million rolls of gift wrap throughout the season. Plan ahead and stock up.


7. Tape
Meijer sells a half-million units of tape in December, which equates to more than 1 million rolls, because most tape is sold in multi-packs. Running out of tape can bring wrapping to a halt, so make sure you pick up enough. 


8. Scissors
Although Meijer sells more scissors during the Back-to-School season than during the holidays, it’s still a must-have for the season. The average household has more than seven scissors in their home – that’s enough for everyone to have their own pair to wrap gifts.


9. Batteries
There may not be any purchase as crucial to a successful Christmas morning than having enough batteries on hand to power gifts. Nearly one-third of the batteries sold annually are bought during the holidays. Not surprising, the No. 1 seller is a 12-pack — it makes sense to buy in bulk.

Keep your holiday survival kit stocked, and you will be able to enjoy the traditions of the season, whether you are baking treats, decorating or wrapping gifts.




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