Meijer has plenty of holiday selections for last-minute shoppers

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If you are heading to a holiday family gathering and don’t know what to bring, grab a pie. These traditional desserts are meant to be bought last-minute, says Brad Miller, Meijer’s Bakery Category Manager. “I try to coach the customer to include pie on that last-minute run for something like rolls. That's the time you pick up the pie,” Miller said. “And we're ready for that.”

Meijer plans for the largest spike in pie volume to be the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. And while roughly 15 percent of the retailer’s pies are bought in the two weeks leading into Thanksgiving, pie-buying season continues through Christmas.

You can’t go wrong
Meijer will have pies through the long Thanksgiving weekend because shoppers’ work schedules and extended families mean they are often celebrating Thanksgiving with a few gatherings and not necessarily on the holiday.  

“We understand that we're going to get a big push for people coming in for pies on Thanksgiving Day because, if you're like me, a typical guy, my wife says to pick up a pie, and I remember that when we're actually driving to a Thanksgiving dinner,” Miller said.

Even if you are in a rush and a little frazzled, it’s hard to get this wrong. Meijer has color-coded the boxes — orange for pumpkin, brown for pecan and red for sweet potato. It’s nearly impossible for you to pick up pumpkin when you meant to grab sweet potato — or vice versa.

Tasty choices
Along with the retailer’s best sellers — pumpkin, sweet potato, and pecan — there’s an assortment of fruit pie options, such as apple, cherry, and blueberry. 

One of Miller’s favorites is caramel apple pie. After this Meijer Signature pie comes out of the oven, the bakery staff drizzles caramel across the pie crust, then adds one more layer over the sweet crumb topping. “In my opinion, this is the best pie for both Thanksgiving and for Christmas,” Miller said. “You only can eat a little section of it because it's so decadent. Warm it up just a little bit and serve with some ice cream ... it's like the best stuff in the whole world.”

While most of the pies are 9 inches, Meijer offers 11-inch pies for gatherings where more slices are needed. More shoppers are buying a few 6-inch pies for a family gathering, so there is a variety of pie choices on the holiday dessert table.

The real thing
Meijer’s pies are made with quality ingredients. This family-owned retailer isn’t cutting corners by diluting pumpkin with a cheaper squash mix — as is done at stores where you can find a pumpkin pie for less than a latte.

“When you buy a pumpkin pie, you get a pumpkin pie. When you buy an apple pie, it's chock full of apples. It’s not filled with other things,” Miller said.

That commitment to quality is why shoppers think of Meijer’s bakery as their pie shop. It’s also why, if you decide to slip a Meijer pie into your own dish and call it homemade, no one will know the difference.



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