There’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gift!

By Jennifer Rook

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Maybe you’ve been distracted by other commitments, maybe you’ve been procrastinating or maybe the impending holidays just sneaked up on you. No matter the reason, you’re part of a customer segment that packs a big financial wallop; one study shows nearly 28 percent of all holiday shoppers will make the bulk of their purchases in the week leading up to Christmas this year, while another 27 percent will add to previous purchases.

The good news is that your delay in finding holiday presents is not a big deal. Not only do you still have plenty of options, but this handy guide offers suggestions for finding meaningful gifts for even the most discerning recipient on your list. Consider these ideas for getting your gift list crossed off and wrapped up for the season.


The power of electronics. Perhaps because we use them so much in our daily lives, electronics accessories tend to burn out or get lost quite frequently. That’s why a new set of mini speakers, headphones or a phone charger would be a welcome sight to most anyone not living off the grid or dedicated to a life as a hermit. Of course electronics are constantly evolving as well, which is why plenty of people would appreciate receiving the latest and greatest high-definition TV, video game system, computer or smartphone.

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A way to relax. Not many of us would say no to a soothing massage, facial or other luxurious spa treatment this time of year. A gift card to a local spa tells the recipient you recognize she has a busy life, you care about her well-being and you’re happy when she’s happy. Another great gift card option for most any recipient? A Netflix pass allowing him to snuggle in for copious binge watching over the cold winter months.


A warm personal space. Follow through with the theme of peace and tranquility by choosing a mood-boosting candle in the recipient’s favorite scent. Today’s huge variety ensures you’ll be able to find the color and delicious scent to appeal to any male or female giftee — perhaps even an aroma invoking a treasured memory. Seeking a calm ambiance more than scent? Pick out an odorless version, or opt for a low-maintenance plant such as a succulent or herb that invokes energy and improves air quality.


Coziness itself. Curate a care basket specially designed to get the recipient through the winter, containing goodies such as gloves, hand warmers, lip balm, lotion, thermal socks, gourmet coffee, hot chocolate packets, etc.

roadside safety

Roadside safety. This could be of major importance, yet many people never think of stocking it for themselves. Say “I care about your safety” with a winter driving kit containing jumper cables, window scrapers, de-icing and windshield fluids, an aerosol tire inflator, a battery charger, a shovel and a bag of sand or some other means of traction.


Local treats. The hugely popular “Buy Local” movement means most people genuinely appreciate receiving anything made by local artisans — bread or baked goods, cheese, candy, craft beer, wine, honey, jam, etc. If you’re traveling afar for the holidays, consider hand-selecting a gift basket representing the best of your hometown.

You may be holiday shopping at the “last minute,” but that doesn’t mean your gift selections can’t be thoughtful and well-chosen. Visit your local Meijer store to easily and conveniently find useful presents for everyone on your gift list.



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