Meijer is pleased to welcome media into our stores for seasonal/trend stories. We also know that reporters often call with their own requests to come into our stores for customer interviews and pictures and video footage for stories. 

Our media protocol requires all media inquiries to be vetted and cleared by the Meijer Communications Team before any reporter can interview, take pictures or capture video on Meijer property.

While store directors may speak with the news media with prior clearance, no Meijer team members are allowed to be interviewed. We also reserve the right to pass on any media inquiry or decline the request based on the needs of business priorities.

We ask that reporters, news editors and producers contact the following individuals via phone or email for access prior to visiting any store:

Meijer Media Line
(952) 346-6608

Joe Hirschmugl
Public Relations Manager
(616) 791-3943

Christina Fecher
Public Relations Manager
(616) 735-7968

Jennifer Rook 
Senior Communications Manager

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