What goes into Meijer’s holiday playlist

By Shandra Martinez

With 600 songs, this seasonal soundtrack has something for everyone. Do you find yourself humming along to the music while shopping — especially during the holidays? If you enjoy the songs of the season, you are among the majority, according to surveys and polls. The secret is finding the right playlist. A repetition of the same song — even the best one — can bring out the humbug attitude in anyone.  

Bigger playlist
Last year, Meijer updated and expanded its music mix. There are now 600 holiday songs on rotation in November and December. Added holiday tunes range from Mary J. Blige’s “This Christmas” to Atlantic Five Jazz Band’s “Jolly Old St. Nicholas.”

This variety isn’t something just to keep shoppers in good cheer, but a gift to team members who spend more time than anyone in Meijer’s over 240 stores across the Midwest. These three seasonal playlists lend themselves to the current tone and energy of Meijer’s year-around evergreen playlist, which was updated by the retailer’s music provider in 2017.

Upped the vibe
You might say the new music mix has a little more soul. There are more tunes from Motown favorites like Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5.

“We used to play only the Christmas Secular playlist, but last year we added Christmas Instrumental and Holiday Rhythm and Vibe to add more songs to our playlists,” said Tracey Nowinski, Meijer’s Broadcast Specialist for Brand Development.

This diversity means shoppers, regardless if they are 8 or 80, are likely to hear a holiday favorite when they are cruising down the aisles at Meijer. It’s one way the longtime retailer likes to put a little bounce in everyone’s step during the season.

Not too early
Unlike radio stations which begin playing Christmas tunes in October, you won’t hear your holiday favorites at Meijer until mid-November. And then only in moderation. That’s when a quarter of the seasonal music is added to the retailer’s year-round playlist.

There’s a slow ramp-up until the holiday music is playing around the clock — about a week before Christmas.

“We do this so there’s a nice transition to the holiday music,” Nowinski said.

Just like Meijer’s holiday decorations, holiday music ramps down quickly after Christmas. It drops to 50 percent on Dec. 26 and disappears completely by Dec. 27.

So, enjoy U2’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath The Tree.” They’re part of your holiday shopping soundtrack, courtesy of Meijer.




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